1. Why is it important to use NETPAW?
    There are three main reasons. First, it is environment-friendly. It does not use any paper. Second, it is initiated and funded by the Ministry of Education. Third, it used CEF, the international standard, to create online English tests that have been taken by students and employees from more than 1,000 schools and enterprises  in Taiwan and other countries.
1. 為什麼要採用網路全民英檢?
有三個主要原因。首先,它很環保。它不使用任何紙張。其次,它由教育部發起、甄選和資助研發。第三,它使用國際標準 CEF 來創建在線英語測驗,該測驗已被國內外1000多家學校和企業的學生和員工採用。
2. What else are unique features of NETPAW?
First, NETPAW is the first online English test system that used CEF, the international standard recognized by the Ministry of Education and Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan. Second, more than 32,000 students and employees of I-Shou University have taken NETPAW tests, which saves more than the length of 516 Taipei 101s' A4 paper. Third, it offers tests once every month and any school or institute can select a date and a test center good for their schools or employees to take tests.

2. NETPAW 還有哪些獨特性?

首先,NETPAW 是第一個使用 CEF 研發的線上英語檢定系統,CEF 是教育部和行政院人事行政總處認可的國際標準。其次,義守大學已有超過 32,000 位學生和職員參加了NETPAW 檢定,節省的紙張超過 516 台北101 棟高度的A4紙。第三,它每個月至少提供一次檢定,任何學校或機構都可以選擇適合其學校或職員參加檢定的日期和地點。


3. How can my school arrange a NETPAW test?

First, you can call us at 07-2251035 for arranging a test date and test center. Second, your students can register themselves either at your school or online. Third, a test time and a computer room will be arranged for every student.


3.我的學校或單位如何安排 NETPAW 考試? 首先,您可以致電 07-2251035 與我們聯繫以安排檢定日期和檢定中心。其次,您的學生可以在您的學校或單位報名或在線上報名。第三,將為每個學生安排檢定時間和檢定電腦室。


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